Direct Mail Marketing Strategy

How do I create a direct mail marketing strategy?

Follow this formula for marketing success!

Getting your direct mail marketing campaign started can be overwhelming. Break your campaign into these 3 simple percentages and you are on the way to success.

The first 40% of your energy should be focused on determining your audience.

The next 40% is all about the offer you are making and how you are going to present your product and services.

The final 20% of your attention should go to creative, layout, and method of delivery.

Breaking your campaign down through these simple steps positions you to deliver the right message, in to the right hands, at the right time.

The more you know about your audience, the more powerful your marketing efforts become!

The first step in a successful marketing campaign is knowing who is most likely to be interested in your product or service.

Here are a few quick tips to identify your target audience:

Research your current base

  • Who is currently using your product or service?
  • Consider important factors like age, gender, geographical location, and income level.

 Determine the goal of your overall campaign 

  • Knowing your goal helps you focus in on key consumers and/or participants.
  • If reaching your goal is dependent on income levels or interest make sure you target new audience members who meet these criteria
  • Once you know who your target audience is you can create a strategy and messaging that speaks directly to them and their specific interests.

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Improve the odds that your direct mail piece is read!

You can’t send mail without a list of recipients. No matter what type of mail you are sending making sure your list is up to date with current names (when applicable) and addresses is essential to your campaign’s success.

Using your own list?

Make sure your list is up to date with current contact names, and addresses. The best way to improve your lists in home performance is to add “Current Resident” or “Neighbor At”. These simple salutations ensure your marketing message is not only getting into homes, but staying in homes.

Purchasing a list?

If you are purchasing a list make sure you are using a reputable data provider. Find out how frequently the lists are updated and make sure your list selections match with what you know about your target audience. Amplified Mail specialists can help you take the guesswork out of buying data.

Sending EDDM?

The good news is you don’t need a list! USPS provides addresses based on geographical location, income, and age. This information is updated monthly, so you can rest assured you are always sending to most up to date recipient data.


layoutsMessaging, Messaging, Messaging

With your marketing strategy and target audience in check, it’s time to fine tune your messaging. Nothing works better than when an image and strong headline come together. Write messaging that will make your customers actually want to read what you have written.

Here are a few quick tips to get you on the path to messaging success:

  • Don’t be afraid to Brag/Boast, tell your audience how great their lives will be because of you. Not how great you are.
  • Always highlight the features, advantages, and benefits of your product or service.
  • Limit the amount of copy you include on your mailer to the important details. A crisp, clean, and de-cluttered mailer will return the best results.
  • Create a sense of urgency to improve response rates. The right call to action is the best way to drive response


Format is Fundamental

Whether you are sending EDDM or Targeted mail formatting matters.

Determine the mailer size and layout that compliments your overall message. Success is finding the right balance of graphics and text.

When it comes to design, if you feel like you are biting off more than you can chew, you probably are. If layout and design are not your strengths, leave it to a professional. The results will speak for themselves.

On the other hand, if you are design savvy and want to take on the challenge, remember these tips:

  • Understand the audience you want to target and the impression you want them to be left with.
  • Information overload. Be sure you don’t send too many messages or bury your audience in visuals. Keep it clean and simple.
  • Everything should have a purpose that ramps up to your product or service.
  • Stay away from mixing multiple font styles. This creates confusion and chaos.

Keep in mind USPS has specific sizing requirements for every mail type. At Amplified Mail we make sure your mailing meets all USPS print and mail specifications.

Why Direct Mail


Cut through the digital clutter and put your brand on repeat.give us a spin

When sent out consistently, direct mail keeps your name top of mind. 

Direct mail isn’t just about making the immediate sale, but about building a relationship with your audience – All relationships start with trust. Direct mail is a tangible and trusted solution for putting your message in audience hands with a personalized touch that digital marketing and email doesn’t provide.

On average, the lifespan of an email is just two seconds. Increase interaction with direct mail. Data from the U.S. Postal Service states that, 77%  of people sort through their Mail immediately and spend an average 25 minutes reading direct mail.


Did you Know?

More than 50% of survey participants* connected physical mail with a positive brand impression and the feeling of being valued.

*(Source: Comperemedia: Direct Mail in a Digital Age, April 2018)

Direct mail is the best solution to cut through the disruption of digital advertising

As Millennials and Generation Z’ers continue to enter the workforce they account for $44 billion in purchasing power. Some of the hottest brands are opting out of advertising to overfull email boxes. Now they are communicating to their target audience with physical mail delivered right into homes. 90% of Millennials see direct mail messaging as reliable and 57% have made purchases based on direct mail1.

The hip shaving company Harry’s is one of the many new startups who have found the value of direct mail marketing. Vox recently spoke with Pete Christman, the head of acquisition marketing Harry’. Christman points out, “People our age get hundreds of emails a day, but they only get ten pieces of a mail a day, if that many.” “From a numbers perspective, email is a much noisier environment.”

Join the ranks of these marketing savvy companies and get the most out your budget.


1 Felicia Savage, “Don’t Hide In The Bushes: How To Use Direct Mail To Target Millennials,” PERQ, October 28, 2018

Types of Mail

Get the most out of your budget by selecting the direct mail type that’s right for your brand!promote your band4


Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®) is a service offered by the United States Postal Service that makes it easy to reach every home in the neighborhoods you pick. With EDDM®, you can target specific ZIP Codes™ and carrier routes by average income, age, and household size.



  • Lower cost than Targeted Direct Mail
  • Creates awareness for your brand in a specific location
  • No address list required


Best for businesses with wide appeal (restaurants, pet supplies, real estate, auto repair, gyms, etc.) or reaching your community for events, recruitment, and initiatives.

Targeted Direct Mail (TDM) allows you to address your customers by name and appeal to their interests. Use a list of your current customers or purchase a list of homeowners that meet the demographic criteria of your ideal customer.



  • Targeted to your brand’s audience using specific criteria: age, gender, income, personal interests, buying activity, and more.
  • Relevant messaging that can be personalized


Best for targeting a specific type of customer with personalized information that is relevant to their demographics.

Join the Movement


Are you ready to make a lasting impact on your audience?build your audience

Become a marketing mail pro beginning with these basics:
Discover your purpose

Is your goal brand recognition, recruitment, increased sales, an event or initiative? Define what you are offering your potential customer and what sets your brand apart.

Identify your audience

Target an entire neighborhood with Every Door Direct Mail or customize your audience with Targeted Direct Mail.

Make an impression

Keep your message simple and communicate what your brand has to offer. Draw people in with a catchy headline and motivate a response with a call to action.

Create an effective mailer that motivates a response from your audience with these essential design elements:

Consistency – Consistency – No one knows your brand like you do. Communicate across all marketing channels with consistent messaging and visuals to show your audience how your brand will benefit them.    

Simplicity – Less is more when designing an effective mailer. Captivate your audience with a catchy headline and image. Use your supporting message to reinforce the unique benefits of your brand.

Call to Action – Prompt customers to act with a bold call to action. The message of your mailer creates awareness of your brand, but a call to action is what compels the recipient to do something. Your call to action could be to visit your business, contact you for a free consultation, go to your website, or enter a contest.

Amplified mail assists Devon Title by providing a valuable marketing service to our customers. They are very responsive in creating, printing and mailing direct mail postcards at an affordable price quickly and efficiently.

We rely on them as a valuable partner. I recommend Amplified Mail to any of our customers who are interested in direct mail marketing.

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I appreciate you so much!

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Top Ten Tips to Design an Effective Direct Mailpiece 

Designing a direct mailpiece presents a different challenge than creating an email design or a social media post: it’s a single printed piece that has to tell enough of a story to drive a consumer online or in-store without a clickable direct link. So it’s vital that a piece captivates quickly with a professional look and standout messaging.

Down load this guide to read six standout tips for creating a piece that delivers results.